Some Academy Ideas

We have curated some samples on how you can create Academies


Create Amazing Academies to Attract your target customers. Create interesting contents, add them to your Sales Funnel and convert intelligently.

Email Marketing Handbook for B2B companies
Product Managers Handbook
Top B2B Marketing Secrets from the Experts
Zero to Million $ in 1 Year
Automating your Workspace to increase Productivity
Top KPIs to analyse your Sales team’s productivity


Bring a standard practice with checklist, commonly asked questions, use-cases, problem statements etc. and make the onboarding a success.

How to use Acadle for onboarding your Customers
How to use Acadle
How fortune 500 companies are saving time with Acadle
Handbook for HR Managers
Customer case-studies you can follow
How to start your online Academy within a day


You need to be fair to your team, by delivering the same knowledge and materials where they can be the best performers in your team.

How is Acadle Different from the competitors
All about Acadle
How Acadle is used in Fortune 500 Companies
Top Features of Acadle
Employee Handbook and Knowledge-base
Sales and Support Handbook – To be followed

Why 3,500+ companies trust building academies with Acadle