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Personalization is now essential to any successful marketing strategy. But to personalize one’s experience, you must have the appropriate resources. Marketing enablement gives you the tools and resources to give that personalized experience to the audience.   

The B2B market has seen a huge shift in trends, but we often see that marketing and sales teams are unable to match the content and sales requirements. Marketers are expected to curate content that will assist salespeople in selling the product, but there is frequently a significant gap in the services.  

There are primarily three problems that marketers face in curating content to match the demands of today’s market, and those can be:  

  • The marketing team creates content that is not used by the sales team.   
  • Sellers are unable to align the content with the sales strategy.   
  • Sellers not making personalized content for the audience.   

Mostly, marketers struggle to bridge the gap, and this is where marketing enablement comes into the picture.   

With this article, we will learn about what is meant by “marketing enablement and how it is used to help your business grow. Marketing enablement also includes content metrics that will help you analyze your content in a much better way.   

What is marketing enablement?   

Marketing enablement is the process of strengthening marketing teams by analyzing the outcomes of their work. It helps the marketers align with the sellers to make a better profit. They can make better campaigns that will resonate with the audience better and help achieve the goals.   

Marketing enablement helps with content creation, content distribution, content storage, sales communication, and content analytics to improve revenue and achieve better results.   

There are various challenges that a marketing team faces, and they can be resolved with the right marketing enablement:   

  1. less than 1-3rd of the B2B marketing companies receive financial benefits from their marketing strategies.   
  2. An average marketing team has to deal with 20 different technologies to produce the required content.   
  3. Less than 50% of the companies have an actionable customer journey marketing plan.   

There are so many levels of marketing that will help you derive growth and acquire customers. You must strategize each level carefully and curate the best results for your customers. Marketers do not get the results as they expect because there is no proper setup for the content and no way to derive traffic from those resources.   

How does it work?   

Marketing enablement helps align the goals of your organization with the audience. So how do we do it?   

  • The primary thing is to deliver the right kind of content, to the right audience at the right time.   
  • Make sure the sales team of your organization tells a consistent story through the content.   
  • Give your sales team the latest news and information regarding the product or service.   
  • Gives you a sense of connecting the right content for your campaigns.   

Marketing enablement assists businesses in making decisions and developing a better marketing strategy.   

What should you look for in your marketing enablement program?   

The future requirements of a marketing team will require data analysis to curate quality content for the audience. Hence, you must have a perspective of making quality content for your audience with all the appropriate tools.   

Marketing enablement helps a marketer build personalized content strategies; hence, you must know how to do it right.   

Hence, let us talk about the ways you can build an effective marketing enablement program.   

1. Alignment  

The first step is to align the goals and KPIs of the marketing team with those of your organization. Your marketing strategy should add value to your company’s goals; it should not be a burden that will not add any benefit to your company.   

2. Process  

Next up is determining the process for your marketing enablement, which includes assigning tasks to your team and also how the overall process will be handled at each stage. To ensure a smooth process, everyone should assume authority over the tasks at hand. This is the process of assigning roles to each task.   

You must segregate the right roles with the right staff to carry out the process.   

3. Tools and technology  

When you are choosing marketing enablement, there are chances that you need to automate some of the processes or need other tools to carry out the tasks. For instance, collecting data from Apollo. As a result, the next step is to identify all of the tasks that will be required. You can discuss it with your team and reach a useful decision.   

4. Content  

Next up is the primary task of creating content with the help of the team and the tools you have curated. You must have determined what your company’s requirements are and what you can expect. Blogs, webinars, eBooks, social media content—whatever you want to include in your marketing plan.  

Your aim should be to create actionable content that will help the audience purchase your goods or services and also enable your company to make a profit.   

There are these steps you can follow:   

  1. Collect the content strategy and see the distribution across channels.   
  2. Next up is curating content that is relevant to your audience and will help you scale.   
  3. Selecting the resources medium like from where you want to curate the content, be it internal team or outsourcing the content.   
  4. Pack and publish the content on the relevant platform.   
  5. Learn from the metrics of the campaign to make more firm decisions and improve content creation.   

The size of your company, domain, or location doesn’t matter, as every firm requires a result-driven content strategy. With the help of marketing enablement, you can easily execute your content strategies and keep track of the growth as well as build better strategies every time.  

Now the requirement for producing resonating content with the sales team is increasing, and the content is curated to help the team derive better results.   

Hence, content enablement gives you the required resources to build excellent content.   

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