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A lot new product feature updates!! Here you go!!

Thank you all for your positive response to the previous feature updates. Based on the feedback we received we have brought the following feature updates to fulfill your demands. We wish to continue to deliver our best possible services.


Are you concerned about your passwords or security keys? Well, worry not, introducing you to our new feature of Azure ad that would eliminate the need for user credentials. 

Azure AD is a cloud-based service for managing identity and access for organizations with multiple tenants in the cloud. Employees can use the digital infrastructure to sign in and access external online resources in a diverse range of SaaS applications, also on the corporate internet or internet. So this is how it works and takes care of everything.


We just know how much you love our gamification feature and that’s why we have brought yet another exciting quiz update.

  • Now get more control over the access of quizzes. So you can now limit the access or basically restrict the user from taking the next lesson unless the user qualifies the existing lesson quiz with the set percentage.
  • There can exist loopholes in online quizzes and thus considering it we have brought this update where you can disable access to the lessons while attempting the tests/quizzes.

You can find these options in quiz settings.


We know how much you love customization and thus we are here with the customization feature that you would love.

  • A gallery full of creative avatars for your user to select one out of the multiple avatars and make it their profile picture.
  • A public profile where the user’s course, community posts, etc would be visible, and others within the academy can give clappings to appreciate.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new feature.


Landing pages are the first user interface and that’s why there are a lot many things like lesson lists, details, author’s name, FAQs, etc. With the new inbuild landing page feature, you can do all of these both for public and private users. 

You can also watch a video available on our Facebook community page for more details.


Custom Certificate Template Delete Option: This update would allow the admin to delete the uploaded custom certificates that either have lost their relevance or are no more required.

Custom Email Template: With this, the default email content can be changed to anything or to any other language. You can find this on the dashboard under email settings.

These are a few feature updates to enhance the user experience and we hope you’ll love them. Keep following us to know more such updates and do let us know your experience. We would also love to hear from you on what more you want.

Thank you!! 

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