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Customer onboarding is no longer only about attracting consumers and funneling them through your sales funnel. For loyal and long-driven customers, you must give them every insight into your product. It is part of the onboarding process to ensure your product is easily adopted.  

Customers form the most vital part of the business, and they keep it alive through ongoing sales. Their satisfaction should be your utmost priority as it defines your retention rate and better business.    

What is customer onboarding?    

Customer onboarding is teaching your customers all they need to know about the product or service you’re offering to make their lives easier. Moreover, it entails answering all of the questions a consumer may have about using the good or service offered.    

An effective onboarding method involves keeping your customers satisfied after they have purchased your service or product. Any customer is more likely to pay more for better service in today’s world. They want everything more personalized with faster service. 

Why is customer onboarding important?    

1. Helps to enhance engagement 

You can improve your customers’ engagement with the help of an excellent customer onboarding process. Keep up with your customers at every step and ensure they have a seamless purchasing experience.  

2. Outstanding customer retention 

With the support of excellent customer onboarding, your clients are more likely to return for more services, converting them into loyal prospects.    

3. Organic marketing 

With a pleasant customer onboarding process, your customers are more likely to refer you to their friends and family. This will help you grow organically by spreading the positive word about your company.    

4. Control the churn rate 

The churn rate is relatively high when customers are unfamiliar with the product and find it challenging to use the product or service. With easy customer onboarding, you can reduce the churn rate for your employees.    

5. Reduce acquisition costs 

You may quickly reduce your acquisition costs with higher customer retention.    

6. Decrease support costs 

Your customers will be available for useful resources 24*7 with your online academy. Therefore, it will reduce your costs for customer support. They can resolve most of their issues by seeing the demos or guides.  

7. Rewards and points

You can give rewards to your customers in the process to improve their engagement. This will help you retain your customers.

8. Create a buzz 

Training your customers is another way of creating a buzz about your brand. Customer education is a great way to boast about your product and promote it. Your prospects might come with the curiosity that they should not miss anything.

9. Build customer confidence

Your product knowledge will help in boosting your customer’s confidence, and they will be more excited to learn about the product.  

10. Get instant feedback 

You will be able to get real-time feedback from your customers. Therefore, it will help you build a helpful training program with all the feedback.   

11. Track success 

During the onboarding, you can track the success of your courses and see if your customers are engaging with your platform or not.  

How to create your onboarding strategy?    

It is critical to understand your clients and their demands for a successful onboarding approach. To prepare, first you should research your market’s demands, competition, and demographics. The onboarding process might be simple, yet it has a significant impact with the appropriate customer onboarding software.    

Steps to be included in your onboarding process:

1. Welcome email 

The onboarding process begins with the welcome email, which should be a warm message to congratulate them on their new purchase and welcome them to your company.    

2. Greeting message 

Unlike the welcome email, this is an in-app message that a client receives when he signs in to his new account.    

3. Product setup 

The following stage sets up the entire product introduction for a new consumer. Moreover, it comprises tutorials or guided materials that give you all you need to know about the product.    

4. Feature callouts 

You may create banners that advertise features of any product and educate your consumers through it; however, this is not the same as tutorials because it simply highlights a single feature.    

5. Walk-through 

This is one of the most critical phases in the onboarding process since it guides your customers on how to get the most out of your product or service. Moreover, the best way to do the walk-through is to let the consumer use the product or service for free so you can answer all the queries.   

6. Routine check-ins 

Check-ins should be part of your onboarding process. Routine check-ins will make customers feel welcome and demonstrate how they can get more value from your product.    

How to make your onboarding seamless? 

1. Set a demographic 

You may achieve success by setting up a demographic for your brand. It is difficult to sell the same commodity to everyone; hence there is a need to find your target audience.

2. Establish communication 

You must establish healthy communication with your customers to get feedback from them. This will also make them feel like a part of your organization. The task can be made much easier with the help of onboarding software.  

3. Alter your programs

You should not necessarily change your programs, but you can alter them to make them better and more suitable for the customers. 

More to it

Onboarding is your introduction to any client, employee, or partner, and it may be a daunting procedure for a single individual to handle. Moreover, you may leave one point or the other during the whole process.

This is where automated onboarding, such as customer onboarding software that aids in a smooth onboarding process and excellent user experience, comes in handy.    

How does LMS help with onboarding?    

Your onboarding process will be easier with the Learning management system because everything will be in one place. Therefore, employees, customers, and partners may all be onboarded from a single location.    

With the help of an LMS, you can do the onboarding remotely or from the office at your convenience.     

It aids in providing insights to learners, allowing them to easily track their performance and learning output with the help of an LMS/ customer onboarding software.    

Acadle is one of the most agile LMS platforms that assist many businesses in onboarding workers, consumers, and partners.    

Therefore, with the help of an LMS, you can make your onboarding process more seamless and increase your retention rate to improve your business.  

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