How live streaming works best with the community?   

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For your live streaming to be successful, the community is a major contributing factor. To build your community, you need to take care of many aspects, such as engaging chat, moderation, and bots.   

In this article, we will talk about these different aspects in detail, so stay tuned until the very end.   

1. Chat   

Engaging your audience within your chat is also important to make your live streaming successful. Firstly, make sure you are talking about everything relevant to your audience. You will want to niche down topics, and within your industry, you may know what will interest people.   

Try to bring those topics to your live stream and ask questions about the topic itself to engage your audience.   

You must put yourself in your viewers’ shoes and see what they will like, you must determine the tone and content type that your audience will prefer the most.   

You can add the links in your stream so the viewer can get easily connected to you for further content too.   

2. Chatbots   

They are also an excellent method for making your live streams engaging. There are different ways wherein you can use these chatbots:   

  • You can use these for moderating chats   
  • To answer the general FAQs  
  • They can help you by providing links to your other social media channels or handles   
  • Add links to your stream donation pages   
3. Be a bit inventive and talk   

You need to establish a connection with your listeners, and you also have to ask them how their day was. But it is better if you directly ask them what topics engage them the most.   

Give opportunities for your audience to talk about themselves, as people love to talk about themselves. You can try to stir up the debate with your audience, which will help them engage better in your live streams.   

You must ask your audience directly what it is that they want insights on or what they want a deep discussion on. The 1:1 tactic also works greatly in live streaming, where you are addressing your user directly by their name.   

You can also play your music while on your live stream to engage your audience better. You can experiment by playing the music in one life and not playing it in another. Whatever suits you best go for it.   

4. Build your unique style.   

There will always be competitors for your product or services. It is important to set yourself from them. You must develop a unique identity for yourself that will attract your audience. Your audience must know what they will be getting out of life, which they cannot find anywhere.   

You can invite industry experts to speak about your life; this will also build credibility for your life and engage the audience better.   

Maybe you can give free resources to your audience too, which they will not find on any other platform. You must determine your differentiation factor for improving engagement with your audience.   

5. Build your schedule   

If you are planning to do the lives often, the best thing to do is build your schedule. This will help your users as well to know what they can expect from you. It is also not necessary that you live every day.   

You can define a schedule according to your requirements and whenever you have time for the lives. Focus more on quality than quantity. It will help your audience gain the knowledge they require from your sessions.   

6. Giveaway   

You can also decide to give something to your audience in exchange for the support your audience gives. People love free stuff and also competing. Announcing the giveaway will keep them engaged and anticipating life. They will stream the game regularly to check if they have won or not.   

7. Create valuable content   

Your content speaks volumes for your brand, and you must tune it into the company’s personality. Along with the live streaming, you can provide your users with an add-on resource. You can mainly take advantage of three resources: discord, blogs, and YouTube. Let us learn about it in detail:  

  • Discord: Create a channel and engage your users as much as you can. This will help you build valuable relationships with your audience. This will help you build customer loyalty too, if they are served with relevant content, they will surely come back for more.   
  • Blogs: It is a great resource to promote your brand. Blogs will attract the attention of your audience when you are offline.   
  • YouTube: You can upload the live streams as content on your YouTube so your audience can access it offline as well. Alongside, you can prepare the videos and upload them on YouTube building the resource library for your audience.   
8. Make partners   

When you onboard partners and give combined content to your audience, it gives you better value. You can ask people to contribute to your life, wherein they will promote the event in their capacity and you will do the same on your side. This will help in better promotion of the event and bring you better engagement.   

You can try collaborating with influencers as have a great following. This will help in building a group of relevant leads.   

9. Do the backend work   

Just performing well in your live streams is not enough; when you want your streams to perform well, you must utilize your time in research. You must see what your audience wants, what your competitors are doing, and what must be.   

You must also determine the market trends to check whether your live streams are relevant. Time, schedule, days everything matters when you do a live stream. Make sure these all aspects are researched well so your live stream can outstand the earlier performance.   

Also, make sure you study the live stream after, so you can see how many people joined from what demographics. This will help you target your audience as well.   

10. Define your goals   

This month I want to gain followers; next month I want to have more business. These goals are important for your live-streaming journey. You must define your monthly goals and then make your marketing plan accordingly.   

A great community is the result of excellent live streams. Hence, make sure your live streams exhibit value to your audience.  

Make sure your live streams are not always sales, and help your audience gather knowledge from them as well.   

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