How is employee orientation important?

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LMS for employee orientation

Employee orientation is a big part of employee onboarding! Onboarding a new employee definitely means the company is growing. But, often it becomes tough to curate an intriguing and successful program.  

Many employees believe that their onboarding process greatly affects their job perspective and their stay in the organization. Employee orientation is an inseparable part of your onboarding. Therefore, it is extremely important to make an effective and useful program for your employees.

This article will help you understand the core factors impacting any employee orientation program. It will give you insights into how you can help your employees understand the work environment and work in a much better way. Orientation involves introducing the new employees to their job roles, processes, and teams. It also helps in building a healthy relationship between the employee and the employer.  

Why employee orientation is important?  

Employee orientation plays an important role in helping the new employee understand the new work environment. Imagine a situation wherein an employee gets a new employee kit, gets an office tour, and also gets online resources to learn about the office culture and policies in detail. Without proper orientation and onboarding, the new employees are likely to take months to adjust to the new environment and be productive.  

What is orientation for a job? 

The major purpose of employee orientation is to mentally and emotionally integrate the employee into the new organization. It also gives resources to the new employees to succeed and achieve their goals, equips them with new tools, and makes them comfortable in their new job role.  

As an employer, don’t rush the orientation process. At least give a week to your employee to settle down and become familiar with the environment. With the reasons stated above, we can see how important the orientation program is for employees; it is also important to know what all we should include in the training program.  

What to include in orientation program? 

Are you still confused about what all you should add to your new hire orientation program? We have compiled a list for you to build an effective orientation program for your employees. 

1. Paperwork

Filling paperwork might not be the most interesting thing to do but it is one of the most important things to add in your new hire orientation program. It is important for the employees to know the boundaries or expectations of an organization. From official Paperworks to tax forms, it is important as an employer that you introduce your employees with all the necessary papers.  

2. Welcome and introduction

A new employee expects a comfortable environment. During the orientation process, it is important that you make your employees comfortable and introduce them to the new office culture. You can give them a welcome letter signed by the CEO to make them feel appreciated. You can also give them welcome packs with a set of stationery and basic things they need for work. This will also make their tasks easier.  

3. Office access

Make sure your new employee’s office is easily accessible. The employee’s card and parking area should be organized beforehand to avoid any kind of unpleasant experience.  

4. Hardware and software

For your employees to work efficiently, it is important that you teach them and give them access to all the hardware and software necessary. Your new employee should get appropriate training and guidance with the software and hardware your company uses. You can create online courses with the help of your academies to teach your employees how to use software, product training, and even compliance training.  

5. Deploy LMS

One of the easiest ways to amp up your job orientation program and make it engaging is by using the learning management system. Moreover, you can create interactive courses with the help of your academies and distribute courses efficiently.  

Your team also plays an important role in your employee orientation program. The team manager, human resources, technical, or IT teams all equally contribute to comfortably onboarding a new employee.  

Employees are your assets, and they play an important role in your company’s growth. Hence, make sure you provide them with opportunities to learn and grow with an excellent orientation program!

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