Keeping audience engaged during a live stream

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For any live stream to be successful, engagement is the primary factor. High engagement also leads to better ROI. But to keep people engaged, you need a unique and interactive strategy for your live streaming.   

Polls and high-quality videos are two methods to keep your audience engaged. We will learn what elements you can include in your live streaming to make it more engaging for the audience in this article. 

Top engagement factors for your live stream

1. Make sure you are catering to your target audience   

The first step is to figure out what your target audience needs. With the help of Google Analytics, you can determine the demographics of your web traffic and plan your live stream accordingly. Once you have determined what the demographics are, the next step is to determine what type of live-streaming content will be most suitable for them.   

Promote your live streams on the platform where your target audience is most active. Also, you can directly promote your live streams in the mail.   

Mails are considered an ideal choice for any corporate or internal leaders. Whereas Facebook and Instagram are considered for a much younger audience.   

2. Make sure the platforms are HQ for excellent user experience   

 Many times, live streamers struggle with poor-quality video and audio while streaming. Your users must have a seamless experience with your live streaming. When the video quality is poor, your audience can find it difficult to understand what you are saying too.   

Therefore, Acadle provides you with live streams in HD to give an excellent user experience.   

3. Break down larger information into smaller chunks   

If you bombard your audience with too much information, they tend to lose track and get distracted. It is better to distribute your information in much smaller parts and distribute to increase audience retention.   

Have a rundown with your panelists to determine what should be the sequence of the events. It is better to list your topics in planning software so you can integrate the content easily.   

4. Introduce knowledgeable speakers   

Choosing your speakers is quite crucial when you are planning your live streaming. Your speakers must bring valuable insights for your audience.  

Most likely, your audience already has some basic knowledge about your industry, which is why they are engaged with your brand. So, make sure you bring someone who can give you better knowledge and help the current audience in some way.   

Specifically, choose the panelists to teach what you want your audience to learn specifically. You can present the case studies in your live stream as well to make it more impactful.   

Also, you can invite any guest speaker too to emphasize the topic with a broader industry perspective.  

5. Enable chat with your live stream   

Some people might think enabling chat will become a distraction but on the contrary, it increases the productivity of the audience.   

When your panelists are speaking, you can also enable the chat then. You will be able to know what they are talking about, and what questions they have so the panelists can combine those in the discussion as well.   

6. Set your time aside for Q&A  

Most marketers put polls in between the sessions to measure the interaction of the audience. This is the same scenario with the Q&A sessions as well, you can get to know how much your audience has comprehended the information given in the live streaming.   

Also, the more engaging the audience, the more successful your live streaming is. Your Q&A session can be just five minutes, or you can ask questions after every session.   

Your Q&A session will also help you keep the event on schedule and on time.   

7. Quiz your audience   

Some applications allow you to quiz the users. It will help in developing a friendly and healthy competitive environment among the users.  

You can send quiz questions that would be connected to your phone, or they can play trivia games anonymously. This will provide friendly competition between the employees and help them execute their skills.   

8. Promotional giveaway   

You can send codes to the people who tell you they will be attending the event. After you have announced the winner, you can tell the people to display the code immediately to redeem their prize.   

The winner selection can do it randomly by choosing any of the coupon codes.   

9. Make the stream available   

When the stream is completed, make sure you upload it to all the platforms that you have. This will improve the visibility of the stream as well.   

If someone might have missed something they can see through that live streaming.   

To engage the audience, it is also important to know what each of your platforms has to offer:  

Facebook Live streaming:  

Facebook love has been there since 2016 and it is also one of the most popular among the other social media platforms.   

Instagram Live streaming:   

If your target is a 13-37 age group audience, then Instagram will be the best choice for you. Being one of the biggest visual platforms, Instagram gives you the chance to portray your brand or products efficiently to the audience.   

YouTube live streaming   

YouTube was the original video platform, and now it is the second-largest search platform after Google. It has given companies an excellent opportunity to provide a robust live-streaming experience.   

LinkedIn Live   

It is an ideal platform for B2B companies or anyone in the sales domain. With a hub for sales and marketing, this platform has become the choice for most businesses.   

Let’s wrap it up   

With the demand for interactive learning, live streams have become an ideal choice for most companies. You can choose any social media page for your streaming, or you can select Acadle Academy as well.   

Acadle has come up with an addon in the academy called Live, and it has various features like breakout rooms, HD video quality, chat rooms, and many more coming up like recording, public registration, etc.   

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