Visionary Future Roadmap of ­Ł×ÁLearn

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visionary roadmap

We have seen how the idea of ­Ł×ÁLearn took shape and developed into a platform. We also saw how the journey of ­Ł×ÁLearn has been till now. Having seen and gone through these now we try to look at the future roadmap of ­Ł×ÁLearn.

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­Ł×ÁLearn, Next level Innovative Learning

The Journey and success of ­Ł×ÁLearn 

With respect to its future targets, ­Ł×ÁLearn has the following things in the pipeline:

  • Peer learning is one of the core ideas of the ­Ł×ÁLearn and thus it has a broader vision of instilling peer learning in every college and campus.
  • Joining more hands and increasing the number of community groups to bring more innovative technologies. 
  • To enable projects given by the companies to be a funded project with a faculty as in charge of it. 
  • To bring in a full-fledged media team and industrial setup within the platform.
  • To form numerous Interest Groups within every campus.

These are some of the goals that ­Ł×ÁLearn wishes to achieve in the near future. It also has a very visionary idea of looking at the students getting employed through this platform based on their karma points. And it might give birth to many entrepreneurs having their startup roots at this very platform.

It is indeed a very thoughtful and mind-boggling idea that can bring significant change in the students and the industries as well. 

The more the students gain critical thinking and problem-solving approach, the more enhanced would be their productivity, efficiency, and capabilities.

Acadle wishes its best to ­Ł×ÁLearn and would be more than happy to be of help in any possible way to bring these goals and visions to reality.  


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