Build a Compliant Organization.

Workplace Compliance training is to reduce litigations, work ethically, deal with dilemmas, etc. Create distinct courses at Acadle and train accordingly.

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LMS for Compliance Training

Online Compliance Training courses help employees and the company to become compliant in terms of data security, conflict resolution, workplace violence, ethics management, and many more. 

Safer workplace
Enhanced productivity
Reduced litigations
Saving monetary loss
Collect feedback
Broader knowledge base
Integrated courses
Community building
Include references
Private academies
Performance assessments
Automate training
Time saver
Enhanced engagement

Data Protection

Compliance Training for employees results in a compliant workforce that places a check on cyber security and keeps the data and information protected.


The Compliance Training Program enhances business ethics and the employee’s capability to make an informed decision.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance is more inclined towards the company’s own rules and regulations. Both can be done through Online Compliance Training (OCT)

How critical is compliance training for today’s organisation

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