Best Employee Onboarding software

Acadle enables businesses to quicken Employee Onboarding, by making the process online and helps to convert new hires into best Performers. It is an LMS for Employee Onboarding that gives single-window clearance for all the requisites.The employee onboarding software helps with automating tasks, easy course building, and saving training time and costs.

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Employee onboarding in a shell

Employee Onboarding Program can be considered as the orientation training that is mostly mandatory for every new employee inducted into the company. It includes various training ranging from compliance to product training and much more. Acadle, as a user-friendly and cost-efficient employee onboarding software, does the job very efficiently.

Easy onboarding
Identify the gaps
Reduced cost
High productivity
Faster processing
Improves knowledge base
Universal accessibility
Increased engagement
Performance tracking
Upskilling the workforce
Video Demos
Integrated content
Efficient management
Increased proficiency

HR Solution

Big relief to HRs in terms of post-hiring processes that include successful onboarding of employees with various gated training that can be used to check the performance as well. 

Engaged Learning

The employee onboarding software will facilitate interactive and engaging learning within the academy. This can be achieved with innovative courses that have videos, live streaming, bookmarks, references, etc. all embedded within the course.

Performance Tracking

Tracking employee progress at the fingertips with multiple reports. Get employees more involved with gamification and check their performance through quizzes and tests.

Steps for a seamless Employee Onboarding Process

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