Best Product Training Platform.

When it comes to product training the right platform makes all the difference. With Acadle every aspect of your product is covered thoroughly with targeted courses under the Product Training Program and an engaging Customer Product Training to master the product and better the services.

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Easy-to-use product training platform for your business needs!

Knowledge of a company's product offerings at a deep level is essential for organisational success. This holds true for all teams inside an organisation, including those responsible for customer success, marketing, product, hiring, sales, etc. Structure the different essentials of product and process through Product Knowledge Training. Provide Product Training for all new employees and track their performance through reports and gamification.

Sales Simulation
Identify the gaps
Automate training and onboarding
Inbuilt reports
Customer Service competence
Essential customer service
Content creation
Collect feedbacks
Upskilling the workforce
Video Demos
Live video streaming
Performance tracking
Product Training for Customers

Assess Performance

Through tests, quizzes, talks, and other methods in this product training platform, you can determine how familiar your team is with the product. You may also monitor their learning with various reports.

Wider Knowledge

Your salespeople's interactions with prospects will be more polished and persuasive the more familiar they are with the advantages and benefits of your product , it also enhances proficiency and productivity.

Real-time feedback

Look for new methods to enhance the strategy. This product training LMS helps you find the gaps and weak spots so you can fix them and internally reinforce your system to improve user experience.

5 Best LMS Features for Product Training for sales team

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