Earnings without any Investment with Acadle.

Earn Cash Rewards with every customer you onboard using your Referral link !! UNLIMITED


No Commissions, Fees, or share is charged at any point. You get all that you earned.


 Keep earning as long as you wish. No strict validity time reference. 


Benjamin Franklin, inventor, statesman, writer, publisher.

About the Affiliate Program

We welcome you to our platform where you can join as an affiliate and generate a link for yourself. All you have to do is to share this link on different social sites. Once anyone signs up and buys a plan using your link, you get rewarded. The monetary reward is a percentage amount of the respective plan.

Advantage: An affiliate gets to earn just by promoting the generated link to different audiences and friends around the world. It takes your minimum time and effort but rewards you the most. 

First month 30%

For the first month it will be a 30% share of the respective plan, for every customer

20% for Lifetime

For subsequent months, it will be 20%. All the earned money would be transferred towards the end of the month

What your customers get;

An obvious question that arises is what is the incentive to join using the affiliates link. Well, we have great things to offer to them too. 

Subscribe using a link and get:

  • 7 Days Free trial for your customers
  • Access to advanced features
  • Priority customer support
  • Discounts on the subscription plan (advanced plans)
  • Priority Onboarding

Eligibility ;

Absolutely no eligibility !!We do not want to restrict our campaign or narrow down this to any selected group.

Open to All

  • Influencers
  • Working professionals
  • Agencies
  • Freelancers
  • Self-employed
  • Bloggers writing about tools, startups, training etc.

How does it work/Process 

The process has been made quite simple for everyone’s understanding. We would love to see your engagement to the extent possible. Here are the 5 simple steps to clarify: 

  1. Registration: Register by providing the required inputs. Login with the given credentials and go to your dashboard.
  2. Get your Unique URL link: Navigate through your dashboard and create your link with the given option.
  3. Share it via email, social media, blogs, etc. with a UTM: Start sharing on different platforms of your choice.
  4. Sign up and pay by the user using Affiliate’s URL: Interested people would sign up and buy plans using your link.
  5. Rewards to Affiliates: Once the payment is done, the affiliate would get a notification and the rewards earned would be visible on the dashboard.
Reward Mechanism

The rewards starts to pour in soon after

  • 30% on the first subscription.
  • 20% on the subsequent renewals. 
  • Get a notification on every new subscription and renewal.
  • Get all the monetary rewards on a monthly basis.
  • Track all your links/customers, get updates on your dashboard.
  • Personalize your link and share through any medium of your choice.

Still have doubts!! Please go through these detailed FAQs to answer your queries.

Are there any registration fees?

No, absolutely no charges. You can register for free.

What is the time limit to register?

There is no limit to registering. It is a continuous program and registrations can be done anytime.

Is there any expiry of registration?

Registration exists as long as the program is on but you register only once.

Can an existing Acadle user become an affiliate?

It is open to everyone. Existing users can utilize these for their renewals.

Can a new paid user become an affiliate

Can a new paid user become an affiliate         You can sign up for both Acadle and its Affiliate           program at the same time.

How the payments would be made?

Payments would be made once a month to your PayPal wallet that can easily be transferred to your account.

How much can be earned in a month?

There is no limit to the number of references and thus no limit to earnings. You can earn any amount in a month.

Are there any deductions made?

No sharing’s in your earnings. You own all that you earn. PayPal will deduct their charges

How can I trace my earnings?

You get an update on your dashboard for every new subscription and renewal.

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