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June 24, 2022
What do we need to know about Blended Learning?
The world is constantly changing and the various domains of life also influenced by these…
June 24, 2022
What is 70:20:10 learning framework?
Upskilling has become intricate with today’s employee needs. Professionals in every sector are constantly looking…
June 23, 2022
Best Employee Training Software for your business
Heads up – Employee training software! To upskill, training is a crucial component of modern…
June 20, 2022
Why to include storytelling methodology in your training?
Training is an important part of personal development in the workplace. People are still trying…
June 17, 2022
Why should LMS quizzes be a part of your training?
How LMS Quizzes can break your monotonous learning routine?  For most firms, creating interesting and…
June 15, 2022
What is a cloud LMS and why do you need one?
Cloud LMS aids your company’s success in today’s competitive world where everyone is running behind…
June 14, 2022
Pride Month- What should you know about diversity training?
What is the significance of Pride Month?  Diversity training has become an important part of…
June 13, 2022
9 ways to amplify customer engagement with your Academy
Customer engagement- a thread Customer engagement is like trying to approach your crush! You want…
June 9, 2022
Cost effective ways to improve your employees’ skills
Improving employees’ skills has become a necessity in today’s business sector. Moreover, employees are increasingly…
June 8, 2022
Online learning system for non-tech savvy employees
It’s always a good idea to introduce new technologies to your company. Especially in the…