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“Drumrolls! Acadle is rated as the Integration Leader in Learning Management System (LMS) Software. GetApp in their latest blog report mentioned how Acadle qualifies for the best LMS platform for integrations.” 

So, let us learn more about integrations and how Acadle integrations can help your company scale.   

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What are LMS integrations?   

LMS integration means the ability of your LMS to share data with existing software across your tech stack. It allows you to automate repetitive processes and combine the data from other existing software.   

Integrations help maintain the flow within apps and enhance the user experience. An LMS helps increase the efficiency of the course that you provide. Furthermore, proficiency is heavily dependent on how well it can perform with the existing technologies. The primary benefits of LMS integration are:  

  • No admin duplication within the system: LMS can be populated with your learners’ details in a pretty short period.   
  • Faster comprehension with the LMS: when the users have the integrations which they already use, it becomes easier to navigate through the system and perform the tasks.   
  • Enhanced user experience: Integration helps to reduce the friction among the users which will help in building a great experience for users.   
  • Better compliance: With the integrations, the compliance for your organization increases. They will be directly informed on when new rules have to be implemented or when new certifications have to be added.   
  • Excellent learning pathways: The performance data can be linked up in the LMS and the required courses can be suggested the in the learner’s pathways.   
  • Trackable insights: Training programs can be monitored easily to know their effectiveness and also how the audience is benefitting from the same.   

What are the common integrations?   

The various tools for integration have value because of what they provide to the user. It is essential for you as a consumer to understand your requirements and then decide on the right integrations.  

1. Meeting

There are various tools that an LMS can use to improve the experience of meetings. It can be Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Slack, and WebEx are often integrated into the LMS platform for holding meetings.   

2. Productivity  

The tools are there to make the user’s life easier by helping to improve productivity with tools like Google Docs, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft 365, Google Slides, and Google Sheets.   

3. Email management 

Next up is sending the automated emails or managing them. ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Gmail, ConvertKit, and Microsoft Outlook are the most popular integrations that the LMS uses for enhancing the experience of a user.   

How did Acadle become the integration leader?   

In all the above parameters, Acadle has excelled and outdone the other companies. With numerous integrations, we provide our users with a one-of-a-kind experience while also making the learning path seamless. 

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Not only that, Acadle provides a bunch of resources to choose from for creating the most agile LMS.  

Learn more about the integrations that Acadle provides for an excellent user experience.  

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