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We’re all aware of the unemployment among youth. All the sectors are working towards increasing employment but is employment the real problem? Certainly not, the real problem lies in the employability of the students.

There are many opportunities vacant just because the industries can’t find the right fit. This is an issue that GTech has taken upon, in specific, the skill gap. 

Today specific skill sets are equally important as college or degree certificates. Having studied at any reputed university is just not sufficient to get employed. Skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and technical skills are also equally significant. 

GTech at its platform, 𝞵Learn has brought all the stakeholders from students to faculties to the companies and the industry which will provide opportunities for students.

It believes in the theory of self-determination where students are not forced to learn any particular course or subject rather they are given an open platform where they can choose what skill they wish to pursue. This choice of theirs keeps them self-motivated from within and thus does not require an extra push to learn.

Another very good observation of Gtech in the learning process is the way through which the learning outcomes could increase. It is in this regard that 𝞵Learn has been made a community learning or peer learning. It has rightly been observed that students learn more in this way.

Yet another good idea that completed the learning process is gamification. We all know that a developmental mind grows more in a competitive environment.

Thus students from different colleges have been integrated into this platform where they not only learn from each other but also compete with each other.

There are tasks that are being assigned to them and completing the same earns them respective Karma Points. Thus the scoreboard keeps changing every time. 

There are mentors to guide them. College Alumni, seniors, and faculty join as the guide and lead students in the right direction.

Students’ tasks are checked by them before awarding karma points. There are various competitions, challenges, and hackathons that are conducted along with the courses. 

It is also a Faculty Enabler platform where the faculties can improve their knowledge more practically and incorporate them into their teachings.

The companies or the industries willing to hire these potential students in the future who have that enthusiasm and zeal to learn can also join the platform and provide courses on those skills that they would look to have in their future employees. Thus they would save time for training after joining. 

Companies can also give the research and developmental works to the students as tasks and students can do these as their academic projects.

This way their credibility increases and knowledge is tested in real-time. And for all this, they get their karma points which they can showcase to the companies to prove their employability.

And here comes the best part, and that is that it is all free. Nothing is being charged by the students. It is a youth-led initiative to make the youth skilled more employable. This is to introduce them to the AI-driven industry they are going to be a part of. 

Acadle is also happy to be a contributor to such a revolutionary initiative.


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