9 ways to fight online learning fatigue

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LMS for reducing online fatigue

Why Online Learning?

Online learning has become an intricate part of many organizations. The training methods are drastically altered and expanded to include a variety of businesses. Almost all industries have implemented online learning during or after the pandemic.  

It has grown into a great resource for ongoing employee training. Businesses use virtual communication or online training to explain their business strategies to their personnel. Many firms continue to use virtual training because of its cost-effective and time-saving benefits. 

However, many employees become exhausted as a result of their excessive content intake. Increased screen time from one conference after another leads to exhaustion.

What is online learning fatigue, and how does it affect you? 

Online learning fatigue is ineffectiveness of consuming online content. With all of the calls and meetings, online learning fatigue might make you feel overwhelmed. The main cause is the increasing time spent in front of a screen, whether on a computer or a mobile device.

Why is it so exhausting to communicate virtually? 

  • Employees who have made the switch to working from home spend an additional 50% of their time on phone calls and meetings. 
  • Employees are continuously under pressure to be active and involved in all online seminars. 
  • They are more likely to multitask, such as responding to emails while also attending meetings. 
  • Working from home while catering to a family might put a strain on a person’s working ability. 

How online fatigue affects your employees? 

Employees suffered burnout in 69% of cases when working from home, according to Monster polls. Online tiredness also affects employees’ productivity and performance. It also lowers employee retention because the employee isn’t learning anything new.  

So, what’s the answer to reducing online exhaustion? Let’s have a look:  

1. Be thoughtful:

To create compelling material that does not contribute to online fatigue, you must first understand your employees’ needs. Therefore, you should tailor the content to the users’ preferences. For today’s busy and overwhelmed audience, short format material is the greatest solution to easily consume and retain information.  

2. Self-paced learning:

Employees can quickly grasp the knowledge they are consuming with the help of online training/learning. They can learn at their own pace, keeping them engaged during class and reducing online tiredness. 

3. Social learning:

This can be a good strategy to prevent online weariness because employees can learn better in a group setting. People will be inspired to learn more since there will be healthy competition among them with gamification. Interacting directly with the trainer and your colleagues will aid the employees in developing a stronger team. 

4. Gamification:

By including gamification components such as flashcards, quizzes, and leaderboards, you may better engage your audience. Try to shift them from monotonous training methods to create more interest.

5. Engaging Content:

As we frequently say, content is king. It’s critical to provide your staff with compelling and educational content that will help them advance their careers. Hence, your content should be chosen based on employee input.

6. Easy Interface:

Employees may be less likely to learn if the user interface is disorganized or complicated. Any company must have user interface software that does not waste employees’ time. 

7. Include training in your work:

Do not add training as an additional job to your employees’ to-do lists. Rather than creating an extra task for them, allow them to incorporate training into their normal responsibilities. Moreover, this will not add to their workload, and they will have less online tiredness as a result. 

8. Change your communication mode:

Many folks are simply fatigued by their regular work video calls. If it is not necessary, organizations should provide employees with the choice of switching to regular calls or messages. 

9. Events:

You can host online events to engage your audience to increase their retention by giving them reasons to attend your session. 

Online training methods have become an essential element of the hybrid world we live in. Hence, organizations must now engage their audiences and provide the finest learning experience possible.  

The best solution to reduce employee online fatigue is to break up the monotonous procedures. Every firm should consider it for greater commercial profits. Hence, they should also propose strategies to improve engagement and prevent online fatigue. 

Acadle helps in building engaging training programs that can help organizations to improve their employee retention. The platform comprises of features like gamification, live chats and live streaming to build the most agile training programs.  

If you are confused about how to build an interactive employee training program you can read: How to Build an Employee Training Program? – Acadle Blog


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