Ways How LMS Helps In Hiring And Retaining Top Talent
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Ways How LMS Helps In Hiring And Retaining Top Talent

There is a misconception associated with Corporate LMS, and that is that it is used only for training and onboarding. This is certainly not true, and if an LMS is being utilized only for training purposes, then it’s only a percentage of its potential.

Corporate LMS is known for its major function of employee training, employee onboarding, customer training, customer onboarding, partner training, and inbound marketing

What we do not realize is that apart from these, LMS can effectively help in hiring new employees and also in retaining top talents. The company’s strength lies in its skilled workforce. They are the assents on which an organization grows. 

As mentioned above, training and onboarding using an LMS are well popular, so here we try to see how LMS can help in hiring and retaining employees.


To know how LMS helps in hiring, first, let us try to figure out the factors that one looks for before joining, or applying for a job. It varies from person to person, like for some it can be name and fame that is associated with the company and they would want to associate themselves with such company for social status, for some it can be the package that a company offers, it can also be skill growth and learning that excites someone to get employed or something else.

This list can be very vast because it is subjective to individuals. But still, some fundamental perks attract every individual, such as :

  • The growth potential of an employee
  • Learning and development 
  • Working environment or culture
  • Level of engagement and involvement

Interestingly these objectives of prospective employees can be well accommodated and popularised using an LMS. Let’s see how?

  • You can host a live event like a webinar around the trending technologies and also have them listed on your website. Your website should speak enough to attract the crowd. This would let the people know about the expected growth that they get after joining and thus would appear to be more lucrative.
  • There can be a library created to showcase the learning, training, technical skills, etc that an employee would be receiving once hired. This makes the seeker more curious to join and work considering the exposure and personal growth that is promised. 
  • The methods of training that LMS offers would encourage people to join. The level of engagement and flexibility that is promised makes it harder for anyone not to join the organization. 
  • The whole set of features that an LMS offers from self-assessment to feedback mechanisms makes the working environment appear more accommodative and thus creates interest in people to be a part of such an organization.

Retaining the top talent

LMS has so much to offer that if it is being utilized in full capacity it can strengthen the business. Following are a few methods that would help in doing:

  • The gamification feature can be utilized to enhance employee engagement. Various quizzes, tests, assessments, and rewards like redeemable points, food coupons, badges, awards, etc. can be incorporated based on employees’ interests. These can be known through surveys and that way they would be involved in decision making. 
  • Feedback plays an important role in employee engagement. This way they feel their importance and it gives them an assurance that their opinion matters. Changes made based on feedback further encourage employees to work responsibly. 
  • Appreciations are the best motivating factor for any individual. Customized certificates are therefore a part of LMS. These certificates can acknowledge every training that an employee attends and the skill they gain.

This is how an LMS not only just helps in training and onboarding but also helps in hiring new people and then retaining the skilled employees within the organization. It is therefore package that a company should not miss.  

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