Benefits of white-labeling your Academy  

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With exposure to social media, people now have access to various brands, and it becomes difficult to make your brand stand out. And for a thriving brand, you must build a good reputation for your brand. Building a powerful brand means your brand has to be bigger than your product or service.  White-label academies work the best in this case!

If you are training your partners, employees, or customers, the brand is the easiest thing that can be highlighted. But, to promote your brand, it is important to white label your academy to make it more credible for the audience.   

What is meant by “white labeling” the academy?  

White labeling refers to designing your LMS in a way that seems to be part of your business only. It includes replacing the logo of your vendors with yours and painting the platform as yours. If you are training employees internally, then white labeling the platform will be enough, but if you are training an external audience, then you have to white-label the entire training module. With the latest LMS, white labeling has become much easier.   

How white-labeling can help you?

It will help in providing a personalized experience for the audience. On this note, let us see what are the advantages of white labeling your academies:   

1. Increase the value of your training program  

Learning on a vendor platform as if you were trying the software for the company elevates the value of your course. With all the logos and themes, the customers feel more attached to the course and also find it more valuable.   

2. Brand reflection  

Maintaining the brand’s image is also necessary if you are running your business. The courses you cater to your audience also define your brand’s value and image. First impressions are quite important for any brand and define the rest of your relationship with your clients. Having a white-label academy will showcase you as a credible source of education or learning resources.  

3. Hiding vendor ties 

Depending on your vendor requirements, you might be required to hide the vendor logos. Hence, to fulfill the requirements, you can white label your academy, which enables you to add your company’s logo and colors to the courses.   

4. Flexible learning

With the feature of white labeling your academy, you can scale your courses. In simpler terms, you can change the themes of your courses easily. If you are thinking to change the theme of your brand, you can do that easily by white labeling your academy.   

An LMS provider will help you promote your services because the users will not be constrained by a single theme.   

5. Personalize 

If you are using an LMS platform, you must personalize it for a better user experience. Using the colors and themes of your brand, using the same font and logo emphasizes the personal experience more than you think. If you are providing your audience with a personalized experience, it is more likely that they will engage with your course better.   

Some other tips to keep in mind while white labeling your academy:   

  • Always adjust the colors and themes of your LMS  
  • Make sure you use your domain   
  • Attach your logo   
  • Build new pages for a better user experience  
  • Customize menu and other texts   
  • Utilize your certificate builder and modify the template with your designs  
  • You can customize the sender address as well.   

If you are still confused and want an elaborate discussion on how you can create your own white-labeled academy, schedule a call with us

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