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The wait is finally over! Live webinars, live onboarding, live demos, and live classes are now within the Acadle Academy. We have launched the most awaited feature “live streaming” to help our customers to deliver content better and engage the audience. The feature will help you hold live sessions for your audience, and it contains the following benefits:

The features we are offering:

1. Unlimited video meetings in a month with unlimited duration   

There’s no need to restrict your lessons or training sessions as you have unlimited meeting minutes.   

2. 1000 attendees and 50 hosts per meeting   

1000 attendees can join a single meeting and you can have 50 co-hosts at a time with Acadle live streaming.   

3. HD Streaming   

You can experience high-quality enterprise-grade videos for your training and learning purposes.   

4. Chat and breakout   

You can chat with the meeting members one to one or send messages to everyone. The interaction within the meetings became quite easy.   

5. Virtual backgrounds   

You can white label your background as well to give your audience an excellent learning experience.   

6. Whiteboard

Get hands-on right away for instant collaboration.

How can you access the live-streaming feature?  

We have introduced the live streaming feature as an add-on to your academy. Go to your admin panel and you can find the add-ons section over there. 

You can select one or more than one license for your authors, hosts, or admins to conduct the live streaming. After purchasing, just create a new course with a live streaming feature and then you would be able to stream your videos live.   

To learn more and avail of the limited offer click below 

What are the benefits of live streaming for you?

1. Always stay at the top of your audience   

You can connect with your audience easily from wherever you are. People watch live streaming three times more than on-demand videos.   

2. Increase your brand awareness  

Live events are a great way to acquire leads and build a successful funnel.   

3. Build your brand loyalty   

Now, customers require to be personally connected with the brand and live streaming is a great way to do it.   

4. Better engagement opportunities   

With live streaming, you can engage with your audience better than with on-demand videos. You can get instant feedback that will help you improve the experience for your audience.   

5. Get better credibility   

When you are targeting decision-makers, live streaming will give you better credibility and publicity. When you share ideas on the major issues of your industry, you will get the eyeballs that will lead to more lead generation.   

6. No in-person boundaries   

When you are streaming your event online, it breaks all the challenges that come to gather people for your event. You can host as many people as possible you want around the globe.   

7. Connect with your teams easily   

When connecting with your internal team, things are simple; however, when attempting to connect with or train your worldwide team, things become more difficult. Live broadcasting allows you to combine both of your teams and provide a unified experience to all of your teams. 

8. Repurpose the content   

While conducting your live webinars, demos, classes, etc., you can repurpose the content in the form of videos uploaded on your social media. People requiring the information can visit your social media pages and access the resources. Moreover, you can repurpose it into blogs, carousels, or banners.   

 Hold on as we will bring advancements within the same feature. It will include: 

  • Recording  
  • Recurring live 
  • Public registration  
  • Landing page  
  • Instant classes  
  • Shareable link  
  • Transcription  
  • Alerts/ emails  
  • Meeting layouts 

Stay tuned, we have a bunch of new features in our pipeline. Go Acadle!  

Yashika from Acadle

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