Top 10 HR tech products for you in 2022!

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Best HR tech products

Human resource technology products, also known as HR Tech products have gained fast recognition in recent years. Essentially, it is all the software and hardware that helps automate human resource processes.

In addition, it includes employee payroll and compensation, talent management, performance management, and benefits administration.  

When there are so many HR technology solutions to choose from, it isn’t easy to decide which one to use. For many functions the HR industry is concerned with, there are different tools for every industry.

We have brought you the top 10 HR tech products for 2022 that will help you make your HR tasks simpler and more rapid.  

1. Darwinbox-HR analytics software

HR analytics is a method of gathering, analyzing, and reporting HR data to make decisions that impact HR functions. Analysis helps organizations to know where they can put their human capital and extract the best results.  

About Darwinbox 

Darwin Box is a SaaS-based HRMS software designed to simplify many human resource functions. It was founded in 2015, with the motive of making human resource functions easier for organizations.

This HR Tech product helps in managing employees’ data and provides useful insights through dashboards and custom reports. 

Best Features

  1. Mobile HRMS 
  2. HRMS on WhatsApp  
  3. Facial recognition  

Pricing: Unavailable  

2. Acadle-Onboarding and training

HR tech helps in keeping the employee engaged throughout the onboarding process. The tools help you in improving the employee’s experience and help them retain in your organization. 

About Acadle 

Acadle is the easiest and most affordable LMS software helping businesses to build Academies to onboard, train, and upskill employees, customers, or partners.

It helps the newly onboarded employees with product/service knowledge, resource access, and follow-ups. The software makes the onboarding and training process seamless with an excellent employee experience.  

Best Features

  1. White-labeled academy  
  2. Gamification and leaderboard 
  3. Drip email campaign  

Pricing: Starts at $39 per month 

3. HR Cloud LMS-HR content and document processing management

The software enables you to manage all the content and resources required for the onboarding of a new employee. It eases the process of formal documentation by keeping all the resources in a single place.  

About HR Cloud LMS 

It is one of the best Content Management System that helps in keeping all the content resources in a single place. The software allows you to create portals that can be accessed by different sections of your audience as per your choice.  

Therefore, you can take all the benefits of a centralized file repository and a strong search option to search the required content. 

Best Features

  1. Centralized feedback source 
  2. Configurable approval processes 
  3. Self-service request and approval  

Pricing: Starts at $6 per user monthly  

4. Kronos-Time management and Payroll

Most organizations keep track of their HR budget to distribute the resources attentively. HR Tech tools are used to make the process simpler. They provide the benefits of managing time and payroll for the employees which reduces the cost of managing it manually.  

About Kronos  

It is powerful software that helps organizations with maintaining the working time, attendance, and payrolls of the employees. The personal information and pay policy rules are saved into the software that will carry forward the tasks required.  

Best Features

  1. Automated payrolls 
  2. Monitor trends like pay equity  
  3. Access support to resolve issues  

Pricing: $6 per user monthly  

5. BMC-HR Case Management

HR Case Management, also known as people case management, is utilized by organizations to ease query submissions and embrace digital transformations like a self-service portal, dashboards, or feedback management.  

About BMC 

BMC is an HR tech product widely used by different organizations primarily for HR case management.  It helps in automating the processes like workflows, file transfers, application deployment, and many more to ease HR Case management.  

Best Features

  1. Automation including AI/ML & RPA 
  2. Intelligent self-service  
  3. 360-degree view of the employee journey 

Pricing: $10-$200 per user monthly  

6. management

Task management for any organization helps in keeping all the work on track. It collectively increases the productivity of an organization.  


The software helps you to align your tasks to improve the productivity of the company as a whole. Moreover, you can keep a track of progress with the help of customized dashboards.  

G2 Leader winter 2022 badge

Best Features

  1. Turn requests into tasks  
  2. Real-time dashboards 
  3. Visualize tasks progress 

Pricing: Starts at $8 per month 

7. Elevate Employee wellness

Along with building the skills for employees, it is also important that organizations help them by keeping up their well-being.

Employees might often feel exhausted from the workload; hence it becomes necessary to engage them in recreational activities to boost their confidence and skills at the same time.  

About Elevate  

The app helps people improve their communication skills and also helps with their well-being. The app/software provides an innovative and personalized experience for people to improve their sleep and stress. 

Best Features

  1. Flexible training 
  2. 40+ games 
  3. Performance tracking  

Pricing: Unavailable 

8. meetings and schedules

Internal communications are an important part of any organization to maintain order and smoothly carry out the daily employee activities. The HR tools help in carrying out the internal meetings within the organization and help in saving time and resources with a centralized platform.  

About contact monkey 

The software allows us to build excellent communication within the organization with the help of an email template builder.

Moreover, it also helps in collecting Realtime feedback for the employees. You can send mail via outlook and also track it to improve and change your strategies.  

Best Features

  1. Pre-defined email templates 
  2. Embed employee feedback survey 
  3. Outlook and Gmail integration.  

Pricing: Starts at $10 per month  

9. Spider gap-Performance management

Performance management helps to achieve common goals for employees and employers. It may comprise the fulfillment of personal achievements, individual goals, and objectives. Also, overall feedback, self-assessment, personal development plans, performance, and leadership programs.  

About Spider gap 

The software allows you to help with the employees’ overall feedback process. It helps in collecting the reports and analyzing the same. You can easily customize your feedback questionnaire, report, and email templates.  

Best Features

  1. Feedback reports  
  2. Customizable with no extra cost  
  3. Easy to set up  

Pricing: Starts at ₹ 4968/Per Month 

10. Callbridge-Experience management

Many organizations are using videos, VR, or AR to enhance their employees’ experiences. Therefore, HR Tech products help organizations retain their employees and achieve other goals as well.  

About Callbridge  

Callbridge software facilitates collaboration, participation, and connection of people across the organization. Moreover, it provides features like screen sharing, AI transcription, and meeting recording, helping the organization connect people easily, especially in a remote setting.  

Best Features

  1. Meeting transcriptions through AI 
  2. Custom branding  
  3. No software download required 

Pricing: Starts at $14.99 per month 

With these HR tech products, you are all set to give your employees the best corporate experience that will help you to retain the employees.

Looking to enhance employee onboarding & training experience? 

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