Which is the Best LMS?

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LMS (Learning Management System) has got wide coverage and awareness among businesses. Its reach can be seen in most industries and organizations. We have various LMS available at our disposal. There are different LMS to suit different industries with various distinct and common features. Given the dilemmatic situation, it becomes important to know the best LMS.Tagging any LMS as “THE BEST” is very subjective. A LMS cannot be compatible and best for every organization. One fit all approach may not justify the actual potential that an LMS possesses. However, there can be certain characteristics of a BEST LMS that can be evenly distributed.Following are the characteristics of a BEST LMS:


The best LMS is one that is goal-oriented, that is the LMS should be able to serve both the short term and long term. An LMS that serves an immediate purpose doesn’t necessarily be best in the long run. It is therefore mandatory to identify the objective and then check whether the shortlisted LMS satisfies those objectives or not.


There are various features that an LMS consists of. Some common features are available in all LMS but other advanced features are not available. However, there are some features like personalization, customization, content creation, white labeling, gamification, that should be there in an LMS to make it best.

Engaging and wide coverage

An LMS should be efficient to incorporate features that increase engagement, such as gamification, certifications, leaderboard, etc.It should also be capable of covering various purposes that are desired. For example, an LMS covers various training such as product training, compliance training, sales training, etc. along with both employee and customer onboarding, satisfying the condition to be among the best LMS.


As the business evolves its needs and requirements change. Like how we keep updating our devices with every new version, similarly an LMS should also be dynamic in nature. A static LMS might satisfy the present need but there are chances of it becoming obsolete or outdated.But a dynamic LMS that would update itself with time to incorporate the features and functions as and when necessary will have a distinct advantage.


An LMS should be futuristic in nature. This means that an LMS should have the necessary things that a business is expecting to require in the future. For example, a company might not need a customer onboard facility but with time it would grow and would need sales training, and a customer onboarding facility as well. Thus it should not be an issue then.These inherent qualities of an LMS can certainly clarify that to what extent it is best. There are however other things that are important to consider such as Pricing but it is subjective and depends on the set budget.Though the identification of best varies based on the needs and requirements however some are considered to be best in all spheres and this can be decided by matching the LMS with the above characteristic. Hope it helps you find your Best LMS!!

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