What is Gamification and Why is it important to have it in an LMS.

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Gamification is in high demand on LMS (Learning Management System) platforms these days. Engagement becomes the key driver when it comes to online learning systems. And gamification is one of the most important factors in enhancing engagement, so its high demand is not surprising. Gamification is used to assess the progress of a learned course through quizzes and tests. In this regard, an inbuilt leaderboard plays an important role in providing a competitive environment that encourages users to improve. With this, performance and progress are also kept in check.

Benefits of Gamification

1. Increased Engagement

Gamification keeps the users involved in the process. The curiosity that it generates pushes learners to finish the course well on time. It improves the appetite to learn more and the process also increases the retention capabilities. Thus through this, efficient learning is ensured.

2. Effective Learning Environment

The main argument given by critiques is that LMS doesn’t give the desired learning environment but this is not true. This lacking feature has been successfully filled up with Gamification. Though this wasn’t an issue anyway, however a healthy learning environment through interactions, discussion groups, visuals, etc. is furthermore enhanced with gamification.

3. Healthy Competition

It has been seen that learning outcomes are multiplied in a competitive environment. This is not to discourage anyone rather it facilitates experiential learning. A fun approach to learning doesn’t make the training boring and maintains everyone’s interest in the process.

4. Instant Feedback

It is very important to know one’s progress while attaining any training or skills. An evaluation of the performance through gamification helps the learner analyze their learning. Through the feedback obtained it becomes easy to figure out the lacking areas and provides the scope of improvements in the required area.

5. Universal

It is true that gamification is universal throughout the LMS. That is, gamification and its advantages can be applied to all the existing LMS and all of their types, whether academic LMS or corporate LMS. It has a positive impact throughout its coverage area.

6. Self Encouraging

Gamification provides inner motivation among the trainees while attending any training along with their co-trainees. A sense of achievement and the urge to attain more keep them improving and bettering themselves every day.

7. Enhanced learning experience

The overall learning experience is enhanced through all these and doesn’t confine to just a formality. It improves proficiency and capabilities with visible and measurable impacts. Post-learning performance analysis through gamification and reports makes it qualitative learning. The inclusion of games in the non-game areas makes it interactive. Gamification is certainly an advantageous feature that becomes the soul of an LMS. It would not be incorrect to conclude that gamification removes hesitations and makes it as engaging as traditional learning or training. So with all the apprehensions cleared and a clear vision of an LMS with Gamification, it would be preferable to adopt it. The call is yours!!

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