Why and how can you use plain language in training?

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LMS for plain language training

The significance and merits of plain language training

Employee retention and engagement is one challenge for organizations and plain language training fosters to overcome it. For an effective training program, one of the significant factors is the language you use for your courses. This constitutes the idea and importance of plain language in training. It includes simple, persuasive, understandable and eye-catching language. It makes the audience or reader grasp the importance and relevance of the targeted themes in the training involved. 

One could find varying plain language software helping to deliver training programs with the proper presentation of language skills. It is pre-dominantly the content that highly impacts the audience. For the content to be impactful, the focus has to be on the language, its simplicity and directness that would make the prior objective valid. Hence all these come through the usage of plain language.  

Why use plain language in training? 

It is important to understand the essential purpose as to why plain language training is useful. Also, what all are its merits in selling content to the target audience. 

Following are the reasons why plain language is a significant element for training purposes. 

  1. Accessibility: Easy terminologies would make the content quickly readable and accessible.  
  2. Time consuming: Plain language would enable the readers to grasp the content without re-reading or constant re-visiting the page in order to get clear understanding of it.  
  3. Attention builder: With the usage of eye- catching words and phrases, the audience, especially those falling under the online abode, due to this concept of plain language would presumably not fail to fall under the inviting language. 
  4. Increased productivity: The productivity scale of the audience or employees would largely depend upon their interest and approach towards the content placed in front of them. With usage of plain language you can improve your working productivity and approach among your targeted audience.

How can you use plain language? 

Below are few pointers that would help understand the correct ways of applying plain language for online training and other courses: 

1. Using shorter sentences with concise message:

Nothing appears to be simpler and more direct than to convey the message in simple terms, using lesser words. The main idea has to be in focus but at the same time it should not be deeply elaborative or long so as to erase its initial purpose. 

2. Structure the content precisely:

Any effective content will have a definite structure including introduction, body and conclusion. To make the content more enticing you can add headings in the form of questions, breaking the content into relevant sections and adding pointers. This would make the reading and understanding more direct and hassle free.  

3. Identifying the target audience and their requirements:

It is important to know your audience before promoting any kind of content. before forming your training resources, make sure you know your audience’s requirements. Your audience must have certain expectations from you, make sure you prepare your resources as per the requirements. Therefore, it is important to format the plain language according to the expected ideology of the recipients. 

End note

Therefore, we can understand how plain language is important for structuring any course for your audience. Plain language makes the content writing easy and also make it stress less for the readers. It serves as an entity to grab audience’s attention and collect more readers and prospects. It further builds in the idea of making the audience an active participant and not simply a passive reader. 

As the plain language would consist of elements that include simple and understandable language structure, attractive word highlights and key concepts easily explained, an impactful content would make the audience more attentive. Thus, through this the entire purpose of plain language in training program and other such courses would stand accomplished. 

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