What is a cloud LMS and why do you need one?

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Cloud LMS aids your company’s success in today’s competitive world, where everyone is running behind excellence, by standing out with effective training programs.  Moreover, an effective training program gives your employees a cutting edge over others and helps them become more focused on their goals.  

Cloud based LMS helps your organization build training programs seamlessly to help your employees upskill. It helps keep track of the training and progress of the employees.  

The shift in training methods

We now see a majority of companies choosing online training methods over traditional classroom methods. Especially after the pandemic, the world has shifted to a completely different spectrum wherein companies are providing hybrid training to employees.

It helps in making learning accessible for the employees and tracking their performance for better results.

What about Cloud based LMS? 

Cloud based Learning Management System hosts eLearning via the internet as compared to any other hardware or software. They can be easily accessible to anyone who has been granted access.  

Cloud based LMS helps to manage the resources easily and enables the employees to upload their obligations with the company easily. With Cloud LMS, you can empower your employees to learn by themselves, which will help in boosting their confidence and productivity.  

What is a SaaS LMS? 

Software as a service- is a subscription-based LMS. You have to pay a subscription in order to access the software and you can upgrade it as per your business requirements.  

The SaaS based LMS pricing model usually depends upon the actual usage of the product/ service and hence it is considered a more scalable investment.  

What makes a Cloud-based LMS superior?

1. Installation is simple

 Installing a cloud-based LMS is simple, and your staff will be learning in no time. One advantage over other LMS is the ease with which it can be deployed on a variety of devices. 

2. Secure

 Because they are conducted on a secure online platform with unique permission to access, cloud-based LMS is more secure. 

3. Scalable

 As the business expands, it will need to hire additional people and scale-up. You may quickly upgrade and add new staff for training programs with cloud LMS. 

4. Compatible with mobile devices: 

 People nowadays prefer to have their training available on their mobile phones. Traditional LMSs don’t always provide you with the option of learning on your phone. Your staff will be able to access mobile training using the cloud LMS, which will boost their learning retention.  

Employees have the freedom to learn at their speed because they can access their training program from anywhere. 

Benefits of a cloud-based LMS for employees 

Employees benefit greatly from adopting a cloud-based LMS since they may access resources from anywhere. For all employees, the LMS makes the training program far more participatory and simpler. 

Therefore, Employees may easily track their performance and see how far they’ve come. 

Benefits of using a cloud-based LMS for employers 

A corporate LMS makes an employer’s job much easier by allowing them to track their employees’ training and progress.  

Customizable dashboards, live grading, and digital reminders are all available, making training distribution much easier.  

Moreover, employers can deliver training remotely with the same, if not more, resources. 

Benefits of using a cloud-based LMS for partners

A Learning Management System helps you create a healthy relationship with your partners. While onboarding, it becomes much easier for a company to train their partners with the help of an interactive LMS platform.

You can easily tell your partners about your product/services with an interactive enterprise LMS.

Benefits of using a cloud-based LMS for clients/customers

LMS helps in telling your clients about the product thoroughly. Before choosing your service/product they will be aware of the company overview and offerings. It will also give them the idea how to use the platform in the best possible way to increase their productivity.

The better understanding of the product or service will help your customers to improve their usability and enhance business.

Benefits of the Learning Management System

1. Administration

An LMS provides you with a fantastic way to manage your courses. You’ll have all of your resources in one spot, and you’ll be able to set reminders and adjust the course content as needed.  

You can easily manage your courses and decide who will have access to them. 

2. Accessibility

Employees can readily access the Learning Management system because it is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. 

3. Content that is centralized

You can access all of your resources from a single place. The platform stores the data in the same place for everyone, making it easy to access it with permission.  

4. Adaptable

The learning management system is versatile because you can change the material as per your convenience. As a result, your materials are always up-to-date, resulting in outstanding distribution.

5. Tracking

You can easily track the progress of your staff using the LMS.  See how many classes they’ve taken, how many courses they’ve completed, and how long it takes them to complete each course.

6. No maintenance required

You do not have to maintain your Learning Management System, rather it is maintained by your LMS provider. If you have any complaints regarding your LMS, you can inform your provider to get it rectified.


One of the most significant parts of today’s employee personality development is upskilling.  For the best results, most firms are seeking new means of providing interesting training for their personnel. 

Over time, the Learning Management System has become more reasonable, and it is no longer cost-prohibitive for businesses to implement.  Therefore, with the support of a suitable LMS supplier, small businesses can now adopt LMS into their operations. 

Acadle is one such LMS supplier, assisting businesses with course management and distribution. With features like gamification. Live chats or live sessions, the platform provides interactive training for employees.  

If you want to know how can you build your courses you can read: How to Build an Employee Training Program? – Acadle Blog


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