Pride Month- What should you know about diversity training?

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Diversity training through Learning Management System

What is the significance of Pride Month? 

Diversity training has become an important part of today’s corporate world. Let us see how it all started! The history of Pride Month can be traced back to the Stonewall riot on June 28, 1969. We could witness discrimination and humiliation of the non-conforming gender people. They were frequently harassed in public, sacked from their employment, imprisoned, or admitted to physiatrist facilities. 

The police attacked the bar on June 28th, but this time the LGBT+ community. But this time they fought back along with the Neighbors and homeless males.

 Thirteen people were arrested, and the disturbance quickly escalated into a full-fledged riot. The disturbance lasted six days and fueled the gay rights movement in the United States and around the world. 

Parades conducted

On the last Saturday of June 1970, a year after the incident, Chicago gay liberation organized a march.  

The next day, parades were held in Los Angeles and New York. 

Following that, many US presidents designated June as Pride Month. In 2016, Barack Obama designated Christopher Street, the Stonewall Inn, and the adjacent sites as National Monuments. 

 Parades have been held in various places of the world until today. Pride Month is celebrating its 52nd year this year.

Why do you need diversity training? 

Your employees must know how to make the workplace a safe and inviting environment for everybody.  

Diversity training is essential to provide employees with a better perspective. It allows them to be more productive and acceptable. Aside from being woke, diversity training has numerous advantages: 

  • Employee involvement has improved. 
  • Diverse businesses outperform their rivals. 
  • Problem-solving skills are better in diverse groups. 

Why LGBTQ+ diversity training is so important? 

The main premise behind diversity training is that organizations treat each employee with respect and given equal opportunities and access to the same resources. It promotes the integration of people from all walks of life. Some non-binary people prefer the pronouns as ‘they’ rather than ‘he/she’ If an organization denies them this right, they are infringing on their core human rights. 

Many businesses and platforms have switched to a multicolor logo to represent the pride flag. Netflix, for example, has dedicated a section to pride, Amazon has established a distinct home page, and Jio Saavan has song selections for Pride. 

How to create a training program?

These tiny gestures undoubtedly raise public awareness, but they are ineffective unless they are put into action.

Accepting and appreciating employees’ choices is a crucial aspect of diversity training. It’s also critical to develop an effective employee training program that raises awareness. 

It can be difficult to develop such a program, but here are some pointers to assist you in developing an amazing training program: 

1. Gather the necessary resources: 

 It’s time to upgrade your courses or training programs if you have outdated resources. Many pre-made courses are available online to assist firms in providing up-to-date information to their staff. 

2. Add policies of the company: 

 The most inclusive businesses provide gender-neutral changing rooms, restrooms, sick leave, and medical health insurance coverage. Include these regulations in your training programs and make sure your employees are aware of them. Check to determine if all sections of the training process include LGBTQ+ individuals and make adjustments if they don’t. 

3. Include members of the LGBTQ+ community 

Make sure that any rules you create for the community include a community discussion. Make them a part of your decision-making process when selecting a training course. You should inquire about how should you design and create the ideal training program.

4. Focus on genuine inclusion: 

Try to truly include your personnel with the help of your training programs. It also entails dismantling unconscious bias between individuals.  

Try to unite the team members through the training program so that they can work together in harmony. 

5. Find ways to Effectively deliver training: 

 You must select a training method that piques your employees’ interest. Micro learning is one of the most popular choices among employees when it comes to data consumption.  

When we break learning into smaller chunks, it is easier for employees to remember. 

6. Deploy LMS: 

Learning management system or LMS is a great way of distributing your resources or training your employees. With features like gamification, live chat or live streaming the training has become much more interactive and easily consumable.  


It’s 2022, and its past time for us to recognize the importance of diversity in the workplace. If you work for a company, it is your responsibility to ensure that the atmosphere is safe for everyone. 

 Employees must feel safe in their working environment to perform at their best.

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