9 ways to amplify customer engagement with your Academy

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LMS for employee engagement

Customer engagement is a tricky affair! You want to be expressive and natural but do not want to overburden anyone with information. If you fail, there are many competitors with better pitches, of course.  

For a successful business, it is important to engage your customers with appropriate customer engagement tools. It is important that you understand your customer’s needs and then fabricate your training program for the best results.  

To keep them throughout the journey, it is important for the personnel to establish unique conversations with the customers and also give them a memorable experience. Let us see the ways in which you can increase your customer’s engagement through your academy/courses: 

1. Social Media to enhance customer engagement: 

Social Media is an excellent source for getting real-time feedback from your customers. 47% of customers use social media to voice their opinion about a product and expect a reply within minutes. This creates an opportunity for your company to stand out and impress your customers with excellent service and response within minutes.  

2. Community forum: 

Building forum is a great way to improve your consumers’ experiences while also engaging them with your business.  

Community forums are areas where people may come up with their problems and have them solved by other members of the community. If the query goes unanswered or if the information is incorrect, the organization answers it.  

It’s a great approach to keep your audience engaged with your organization.  

3. Ask appropriate questions: 

It is critical for sales/customer service representatives to know which questions to ask while engaging with customers.  

To determine which questions to ask your customers for optimal engagement and retention, you must first understand their moods. 

4. Follow up on customer review: 

Collecting client feedback is an important aspect of maintaining positive customer-organization relationships.  

However, the majority of businesses disregard follow-ups. Taking input is beneficial, but putting it into practice should be your goal. 

You must incorporate customer input into your policies or whatever the customers wish, and you must ask them for feedback on the modifications in service/product. 

5. Build customer loyalty programs: 

Loyalty programs are a great way to keep your consumers engaged. Create consumer loyalty programs to reward them with exclusive deals or impending offers.  

Even though they have no intention of purchasing anything at the present, this keeps them in the loop. They will continue to open your emails and read your adverts if you provide them with promotional offers until they are ready to make a purchase. 

6. Reach out to them with a ‘Happy Birthday’ 

With the forms collected or social media sites, try to find your customer’s birthdays and then feed them into your calendar or CRM to wish them on time. This will give your customers a personalized experience and amplify their engagement with your company.  

7. Organize customer- meet up! 

Meet-ups are a great method to stay in touch with existing clients.  

You can hold such events once or twice a year to keep your clientele engaged and inform them about new services or goods. It’s a terrific method to keep them involved and informed. 

8. Share their content on social media: 

This is one of the simplest methods to show your customers that they are important to your company.  

If you come across any news about them, make sure to share it, and if they tag you in an article or post, make sure to reshare it. 

9. Content: 

The most important aspect of any Academy or course is the content. You must figure out what kind of content will benefit your clients the most.  

You must determine whether your customers prefer short or long-format information. Then you should include those things that are very necessary for your employees to upskill. 

To have successful customer engagement solutions, you must first understand and address the demands of your clients. 

An average person checks his phone 58 times each day and spends 3.5 to 4 hours per day on it (source: Elite content marketer) This reflects the employees’ excessive content intake and weariness. 

Customers are already bored of excessive content consumption in the work-from-home scenario. As a result, it is critical to creating successful academies to boost their engagement and retention. 

What is the easiest way to create an Academy? 

The Learning Management System (LMS) assists you in creating a seamless academy/program.  

To provide your consumers with the greatest experience possible, the platform includes features such as live streaming, live chats, gamification, and multilingual support. 

Acadle is one of the most adaptable Learning Management System suppliers, providing customer engagement software to  attract clients.  

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