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Product training enhances the adaptability of your product and makes it more useful for your employees. The success of any company also depends on the understanding of the company’s product knowledge.  An effective product training program helps you empower your employees to demonstrate your product’s benefits, answer support questions, and help your customers enhance the benefits of your product.   

Investing in sales training is an excellent strategy to support your sales and customer success teams. This way they can be more productive and answer the customers’ queries comfortably. With this article, we will understand the importance of product training program , why you should adopt it, and its benefits of it.  

What is product training?   

Product training or product knowledge training helps your workforce to understand your product better. The process from building the product to selling it is covered in the product training so the employees are familiarized with each step and answer accordingly.   

It is beneficial for each of your team; marketing, sales, or production as it will help to understand the product better and create it accordingly. It also sets a uniform tone for your sales processes and gives a similar type of approach to your product.   

Types of training   

There are various product trainings that are used to upskill your team. It is important to know which one your team requires and how you can deliver it most effectively.   

1. Price/ ROI training   

The sales or marketing team must be aware of the product’s price as well as the ROI it generates for customers.   

2. Customization   

Your team must know how to customize the product according to your audience’s requirements. They must know how to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and make suggestions.   

3. How to use   

Your team must be aware of how the product works and how the audience can benefit from it. The blueprint must be handy.   

4. Techsavvy tool   

If you have a product in the software industry or any other technical field, your team must know how to tackle the basic technical questions.   

5. Product roadmap  

The team should be aware of the current stage of your product. They must understand what a particular team is working on and how it will affect the present product.   

Importance of product knowledge training   

Other than enhancing the employees’ confidence, product knowledge training helps the employees in many other ways. Let us learn about the different ways here.  

1. Improve your sales performance:   

With adequate sales training, you can help your employees improve their sales performance. Harward preview reports mentioned the sales performance of each employee at 1.8%. It might not be a large amount, but when combined, the difference is significant.   

But when it comes to SaaS products, the offerings are much different, and it is also difficult to determine the ROI. Also, it becomes necessary to share knowledge in SaaS industries as the details are much more complicated.   

2. Better customer service   

Your customers can ask you about anything, and your team needs to be prepared to answer any type of query. Hence, product knowledge training serves the appropriate purposes.   

Teaching your employees about the various benefits of your product as well as its maximum usability will assist your audience in making an informed decision.   

They will be able to suggest product pairings when the customers get confused about the choice of product.   

3. Improved onboarding experience   

If your customers do not understand the functions of your product, there is a good chance they will abandon it. To ensure the customer is retained, effective product knowledge must be given.  

Your employees will be able to give in-depth information or a presentation about your product. This will enhance the customer’s experience in many ways.   

4. You can promote innovative ideas among your team   

When your internal members know your product, you allow them to excel and connect the product’s benefits.   

With the appropriate knowledge, they can also suggest the valid changes they find need to be made in the particular product. The level of digital innovation in your company will be high.   

5. Increase the advocacy of your product within teams   

When your team is aware of your product details, it will advocate the product better in front of the audience. They will be able to better convince the audience to use the product and also get the most out of it.   

Ideas for product knowledge training 

1. Customer testimonial   

You can present your team with customer testimonials that will help them understand the customer’s perspective better.   

2. Product training videos  

Ask them to create product training videos that will help them understand the product better and also be able to make the customers understand it better.   

3. Online simulations   

Another way to help your team get the hang of dealing with customers, partners, or employees is to have online simulations that will give them an on-field experience.   

4. Personalized training plans   

With all the resources one has, your team should know how to make the most of them. You can provide your customers with a personalized experience to improve retention.   

5. Prepare resources   

You can use an academy or learning resources to help your employees better understand the customer’s requirements. You can also provide a refresher course to improve knowledge and keep up with current market trends.   

Let’s wrap it up!   

Product training program is necessary not only for employees to boost their confidence but also for businesses to increase their ROI.   

When your employees know more about your product, they will be able to retain customers better. To improve your business opportunities, give your employees and customers effective product training program.   

You can conduct the training with the help of the learning management system to distribute the content more efficiently. In addition, you can make microcourses that will help the employees and customers retain the knowledge better.   

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