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We’re pleased to announce that we have appointed Saravanan Sundramurthy as Acadle’s new CEO, effective today.

Saravanan’s appointment is a clear reflection of the company’s current state: ready to take on the future and fired up after another strong year of growth and successful customers. Acadle is poised for a major expansion in the SaaS market and we’re excited about what Saravanan’s unique experience in turning companies of our size into tech titans can do for us. There is an enormous opportunity for Acadle that lies ahead, and we couldn’t be happier with Saravanan joining our family and helping us and our customers achieve continued success.

Saravanan brings decades of experience to the company and has a proven record of taking customer-centric technology companies like Acadle to the next level. Previously, Saravanan was Deputy Director of NASSCOM 10000 Startups, Head of Operations of Tonbo Imaging, Director of Operations at Kaybus Inc (which was acquired by Prysm Inc in 2017) and Deputy General Manager at Alcatel Lucent (Nokia).

We warmly welcome Saravanan Sundramurthy to Acadle. We hope our company will reach new heights under your strong leadership. We look forward to working with you.

Today’s announcement follows another strong year in which Acadle achieved.

Thanks a lot for all your support, for reaching more than 3000 customers across 100+ countries, within the first year of our launch.

Nizamudheen V
Founder & Product Head – Acadle

Nizam from Acadle

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