15 Must-Have LMS Features for Sales Training Programs

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Why sales training?

Nowadays, marketing landscapes are highly distinct, and training requirements are always changing. That evokes a requirement for highly customized sales training.  Sales training improves employees’ efficiency, resulting in improved income. When considering sales training tools for your company, keep the mentioned goals in mind. Interactive training is key to improving your sales closing rate.   

A sales training program can help you increase revenue and boost employee confidence. It’s critical to select an LMS that meets all of your needs for an effective sales training program.  

Don’t neglect these features for your LMS!

1. Progress tracke

This is one of the most significant elements of an LMS; your program should have a function that allows you to track the progress of your employees/trainees.   

This will allow you to see how well your course is working and how you can improve it to meet your needs.  

2. Excellent Mobile user experience

By ensuring that the targeted salesperson has access to your content, you can create an effective sales training program.   

Because most consumers now access training programs through their mobile phones, your software must be mobile-friendly.  

3. Varied learning models 

With a learning management system (LMS), you may now disseminate your content in any learning paradigm you wish.   

Courses, brochures, podcasts, eBooks, and a variety of other materials are all available to your audience. You can determine what your target audience likes and select a learning model accordingly.  

4. Single sign-in

An LMS should also support single sign-in, which implies that an employee should only have to log in once to access everything throughout the whole organization’s network.   

It will help you save time by eliminating the need to log in each time.  

5. Branding

If the content is distributed properly, an interesting course or eLearning program can be a wonderful branding resource for your company.   

It has the potential to be a huge draw for newbies since they will perceive it as an excellent learning experience.  

6. User feedbac

User feedback is critical to improving the learning experience and the training curriculum in any online training program.   

You can solicit feedback from your employees on the training program, demonstrating that the employee’s input is appreciated.  

7. Course development

You may easily create an engaging course with the help of a learning management system (LMS).   

You can save money by not needing to purchase any additional course development tools as an organization. Moreover, by taking the free programs at your own pace, you can save money and time as an employee.  

8. Multimedia capabilities 

Any LMS must include full multimedia features, which means that your information may be delivered in a variety of formats, including videos, texts, audios, photographs, and slide decks.   

You must demonstrate versatility in your material for today’s audience.  

9. Gamification  

This feature is being incorporated into many LMS platforms to improve engagement and the course.  Hence, Leaderboards and badges serve to motivate salespeople to attend training sessions. 

10. Multi-tenant support

Because you use a single sales training software for all of your users, customers, and partners, it’s critical to pick one that allows you to divide your users into groups.   

Courses, age, teams, and other factors can be used to categorize the groupings.  

11. Customer support

A good vendor also determines the quality of an LMS. If something goes wrong, make sure your vendor provides you 24*7 support through calls, messages, or emails.   

12. Multilingual 

All the employees should access the content irrespective of geographical barriers. Therefore, LMS should provide freedom to people to study or get trained in their native language.   

13. Drip emails/ Notifications

Once in a while, all of us need reminders to do one or the other thing. The popup or email of “Task pending” saves your life more than you can imagine. Hence, LMS provides you with drip campaigns to keep everyone updated in the organization and send the required notifications on time.   

14. Certifications

With LMS, the employees will be getting certifications after completing the lessons which will encourage them to better performance. The certificates will also work as a great source for your brand promotion as the employees can promote it on their social channels. 

15. Globalization  

It is important that your LMS can cater to a global audience. It should comprise domain management and global payment gateways for the audience worldwide.   

Your sales force is a valuable asset to your company hence training them will help you achieve greater success.   

It’s critical to pick the right LMS program for successful and dynamic sales training.   

To help you design an effective training program, your learning management system should incorporate the characteristics listed above.   

Acadle assists your company in developing a customized training program that meets all of your requirements and upskills your personnel.   

Make sure your Learning Management System has all of the features that you may need for a successful training program, and that you pick the correct one. 

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