9 Must-Have Features of LMS(Learning Management System)

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LMS (Learning Management System) has marked its presence among various industries. Its increasing demand and the variants that are available in the market create an urge to know more about it. As a significant game-changer in business growth and success, it becomes important to know what are the fundamental features that are must to have in an LMS. This article helps you know this better.

Following are the features that an LMS must have to suit any business:

Course Creation

LMS as a platform enables learning to the user. In this regard, the most basic thing that is required is the courses that one is going to offer to the users. Course creation thus becomes a fundamental feature of learning. An inbuilt course creation mechanism on an LMS platform enables the provider to create the desired courses within the platform itself. This feature not only gives the space to create new courses but also allows to add the pre-existing courses. A well-designed template to suit the needs gives that extra edge to create engaging courses.


This is a must-have feature in the listing. An option to customize and personalize the platform gives a personal touch to the created academy. A personalized view of the platform brings more compatibility and appears more relatable to users. An organization can make it more appealing through this feature. White-labeling in this regard comes as the most desired feature.


Tracking as a term has wide coverage. It can be tracking of course completion, performance tracking, tracking the training, tracking employees progress, etc. A good tracking system makes management easier. This brings out the true meaning of management in an LMS.


Inbuilt reports in an LMS helps in monitoring and managing things at the personal level. Various reports that an LMS provides enable companies to track business growth from time to time. This gives a centralized tracking mechanism to manage both employees and business performance in one place.

Videos and References

It is important to make the courses more engaging and interactive. It is here when this feature comes to play its role. This makes the learning more experiential. The addition of videos in the content enriches the courses, makes them more interactive, relatable and enhances engagement.

This increases the learning outcome and keeps the learner engaged throughout the process. More references provided with the course give an opportunity to explore and learn more.


This as a feature in LMS has made its demand in the present time and has become the most desired feature currently. With this, learning or training remains no more a boring task. This has the potential to increase engagement to its highest possible level.

This is the best way to check the learning outcome through various assessments, tests, and quizzes. An integrated leaderboard gives a competitive environment. This encourages the trainees or the learner and gives them internal motivation to improve upon themselves.


Different grouping and subgrouping as per the suitability create an enabling learning environment. Discussions among the co-learners improve productivity. This serves as a team-building exercise and binds the employees together. It enables the exchange of thoughts to bring out the best within them.


An Integrated LMS with both internal and external linkings brings out the true essence of an LMS. It makes the platform more accommodative and compatible with the business. On one hand, it enables internally linking to the calendars and other variables within the organization and on the other hand linking to the external social sites of the organization. This way, the whole process, and system are kept intact.

Automated Alerts and Notifications

This is another must-have feature that an LMS should offer. It is the best way to keep the system and business updated. This helps in keeping track of all the activities that are going on, a regular update helps monitor and manage things in a better way.

These are a few major and must-have features that enrich the user experience. Zero tech skills to operate an LMS to utilize all the given features comes as an added advantage. A prudent decision to select the compatible LMS can bring significant changes to your business. So be smart in your selection!!

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