Review the Previous and Welcome the Future!!

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Surpassing the challenges faced, we have successfully come towards the end of 2021. It has been a great journey throughout the year and we are happy to grow our family with 4000+ users across 100+ countries. Luckily our users rated us to be among the best LMS present globally and their ratings helped us bag 27 badges in G2 awards. 

We have been working towards redefining and regenerating our platform to make our platform more user-friendly. Based on the feedback that we kept on receiving from our users we have updated many features throughout the year.

Here are some of the important updates to give you an overview of how the year has been.


Course creation plays a vital role in learning. It forms the basis of any LMS (Learning Management System). It is thus important for companies to have more control and freedom in terms of their creation and other associated features. Here is what we have added to enhance the usability of courses:

  • Now clone courses that would be an exact copy of its source but at the same time, easily change the lessons and script inside the cloned course.
  • Lock the courses and set the unlock criteria accordingly.
  • Add videos directly into the lessons along with private notes and bookmarks.
  • Integrate discussions inside the lessons.
  • Manage the course duration and hide it as well.


Now customize fonts, styles, emails, public profiles, custom avatars, terms of service, and privacy policy. 


We conducted webinars and got great support from the attendees that made the session more interactive. This motivated us to organize more such webinars.

Mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness has been adjusted to suit the demand of the users.

Agency setup

This has been done to let the user launch a prepackaged source to their own SaaS platform.

New community UI design

A new design to make it more accommodative with dark mode, default country code, time zones, etc. Also the specific domain name for emails.


A more enhanced gamified version to better analyzes the performance through quizzes and tests.  


Customize the certificates according to the courses that are made available and customize the undersigned authority as well. There are many templates that have been added that can be utilized by the user.

Well, this was just a brief overview of what we had been improving till now. You can however go through the details here. Acadle New features. 

On one hand where this year is coming to an end but as it is said that an end marks the beginning of something new. So here we are welcoming the new year with the following new additions:


This has been introduced to keep the customers updated and also to increase the awareness among them.

Affiliate Program

We are happy to announce our Affiliate Program that is open to all. A lifetime earning mechanism to earn monetary rewards.

White paper

Comprehensive whitepapers to broaden the knowledge base, spread awareness, and fill in the knowledge gap to help customers make informed decisions. 

Our journey wouldn’t have been possible without your love and support and we wish to further grow and succeed in the future. With this lovely note, we wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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