New Community UI design with advanced features

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You ask, and we deliver!! Get a hang of our new community UI and the many exciting features that go along with it. This is how we build trust with each other.

Acadle has once again come up with various additions that have been in demand for quite some time. We consider it our topmost priority to fulfill what is expected of us.

So following are the new updates

  • A more expressive Community Design in terms of look, navigators, engagement, options, etc. The design has been made more accommodative, collaborative, and user-friendly to enhance the user experience with more personalized features.
  • Bright is not always the choice. And late-night work is very common these days. Considering the fact we have made available the dark mode for both Admin and user. After all one should at least get to choose the preferred mode to use any application.
  • Now the registrations can be restricted to a specific domain. A user can be registered only if the provided email has the required domain and the rest would not be allowed to access. For example, users whose emails consist of or as the domain would be getting access and others would not.
  • Time plays an essential role and we have several time zones worldwide. But in this global world connectivity goes beyond borders. So the option of making the local timezone to be the default becomes a necessity. And now this can be easily done.
  • Along with time now setting a country as default in the settings is also available and selecting the particular country would automatically lead to a pre-selected country code while entering the phone number. has also been made available.
  • More control over the course/lessons by linking it with a particular date so that it would get unlocked on the set date only.
  • To have regular updates and real-time information can be obtained through the Notification Bell. It would keep posted about any notification from the community of any comment or reply on any post.

We have tried our best to provide the necessary features that have been considered important. Well, this is not all.

We have also tried to improve upon the existing services such as,

  • Course percentage has been added to the Course Progress Report
  • Quiz attempts and scores as important aspects have been updated in the Lesson Progress Report.

We have been working towards your needs based on market research and based on your feedback as well. We wish to deliver more and multiply your satisfaction by fulfilling your expectations.

We would love to hear from you.

Nizam from Acadle

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