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Which is the Best LMS?

LMS (Learning Management System) has got wide coverage and awareness among businesses. Its reach can be seen in most industries and organizations. We have...
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What is Gamification and Why is it important to have it in an LMS.

Gamification is in high demand on LMS (Learning Management System) platforms these days. Engagement becomes the key driver when it comes to online learning...
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How LMS can give your business a competitive edge in 2022

Evolution is the key to success and growth. As modernization and automation become necessary for technical development, the same stands true for the workforce....
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How to design engaging eLearning content

The reason why e-learning is getting popular is the advancement that it has done through technology. The knowledge acquired remains more or less similar...
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Meet our new CEO :)

We’re pleased to announce that we have appointed Saravanan Sundramurthy as Acadle’s new CEO, effective today. Saravanan’s appointment is a clear reflection of the...
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How To Train The Modern Workers In Most Efficient Way

Modern workers are digital-savvy employees. They try to keep pace with the constantly evolving domain of technology. At the same time, the traditional style...
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