What is learner autonomy?

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LMS for improving learner's autonomy

Every individual has a desire to learn more, develop their individual skills and knowledge. But these endeavors are often thwarted by daily obstacles like work commitments and traditional learning structures. This is where, through inculcating learner autonomy, employees can be influenced and encouraged to self-direct their needs for learning and acquiring knowledge. 

It is often incorporated into corporate learning strategies to facilitate, motivate and encourage employees.  

Why is learner autonomy significant? 

Educational Guru Henri Holec first coined the phrase ‘learner autonomy in the early 1980s as the “learner’s ability to take charge of his or her learning”.  

The learner can closely reflect on their learning process. Based on this reflection, they can introspect, take decisions, and act independently. Thereby, learning and adapting as and when required.  

This helps them to learn and retain better and also transfer what they have learned to other contexts. This method of learning largely focuses on greater control of the learner on the learning process instead of other external factors.   

The learner takes the initiative and responsibility for their learning and development. They also extend to collaborate with other employees and superiors to strengthen and solidify their growth.  

LMS for improved learner autonomy

What are the advantages of Learner Autonomy? 

1. Active learning

This learning approach creates an active method of learning. This is attained through a strategic liberal learning process that is driven by the learner and their autonomy and control over their learning experiences. 

2. Higher motivation

This autonomy and freedom motivate and encourages the learners to further boost their self-determination to succeed and meet the demands of the task at hand. 

3. Increased engagement

Learners take responsibility, set professional goals, schedule, and manage personal learning. 

4. Effective and efficient 

Learning is more effective and efficient as the driving force is not an external factor but rather the learners themselves.


How does LMS aid Learner Autonomy? 

1. Autonomy 

LMS grants the learner autonomy and free rein on the content, learning process and accessibility. This ensures greater independence which further elevates the learner’s growth and ensures a hassle-free learning experience. 

2. Time and cost-effective 

Its time and cost-effective feature allow the learners to access training whenever and wherever they want. 

3. Customizable

The pace and customization is handled by the learner that gives them the control of their learning process.

4. Accessibility 

An LMS is effortlessly accessible and accommodating and it can be accessed through any electronic device. This versatile feature allows the learners to learn from anywhere and at any time.

5. Social Learning

LMS also encourages social learning. Learners can interact and learn from their peers by engaging in different activities. Such experiences help them to learn and develop themselves. 

LMS for improved learning autonomy.

How can we facilitate Autonomous Learning? 

Motivation, planning, and setting realistic goals, go a long way in successfully achieving autonomous learning. Therefore, engaging with employees, taking feedback, monitoring their work progress, and assisting them at times help to further progress the growth. 

Forced learning and learning due to external factors can only promote our growth and learning to a certain extent. That is why many organizations believe in and promote autonomous learning in their employees. 

With learner’s autonomy, you can establish and achieve better goals. As your platform provides you with an accessible, customizable, and completely autonomous experience. 

Acadle is an LMS platform that fosters the qualities of autonomous learning. It helps in providing both the organization and the learners complete freedom over content creation, personalization, and other features.

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