Collect real-time feedback with Acadle’s new feature

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Acadle has introduced a new feature to help you collect surveys and Real-time employee feedback.  

We constantly strive to make Acadle the finest LMS platform, so we continue to introduce features that support our goal.  

To enable you to acquire real-time feedback from your audience, we have developed a feature update “survey” 

You may easily construct a survey in your Acadle LMS/Learning platform in just a few clicks.  

The online survey feature helps you in creating the ideal course/learning path for your employees by getting real-time feedback on whether the course is helpful for them or not. You can add a survey after every Module/chapter or at the end of each course, so your users can review the course and share their thoughts on it.  

The “Survey feature” is available within the course editor of your academy’. Simply click on the Add + icon to create a ‘New Survey’ with multiple question types to choose from. 

With Acadle in-built survey feature you can: 

  • Create multiple-choice, rating slider, checkbox, and open-ended types of questions 
  • Create time-bound surveys 
  • Build anonymous and open surveys 
  • Survey analytics report to analyze the responses. 

Here are some of the benefits of an inbuilt survey feature: 

1. It helps in creating customized questions and responses

Utilizing the pre-defined templates, the survey feature in the LMS makes it simple to tailor the questions. 

Add a variety of question kinds in your survey which includes; Multiple-choice providing multiple options for the users to choose, a Slider to scale and rate the experience, and descriptive questions as well. 

2. Branding

The online surveys are a fantastic way to build brand awareness. They can be altered to reflect your brand’s image or if you are working with any channel partners, you can add their elements to the form as well. You can even add the colors of your choice to the forms to give it a personalized touch.  

3. Get your results in time

With the survey feature, you receive the results when you want them. The form can be made available for a set period of time, providing you with actionable insights. Additionally, you receive precise data that is useful in developing future training strategies. 

4. Increase engagement

Your employees can provide their honest feedback online with the aid of surveys, which will also assist to increase their engagement.  

By providing regular online feedback on the courses or learning path, they will feel more welcomed and appreciated. 

5. Gamify survey

Gamifying your survey is an additional option. Create a leaderboard for your employees who complete the survey and reward them. It will motivate employees to contribute more to surveys and boost engagement. 

How will it work the best? 

An online survey will work for your company if you decide to work upon the results you have obtained. Decide the frequency of the surveys you want to give to your employees.  

They can be twice a year, once in 6 months, 1 month, or weekly. It depends upon how fast and efficiently you want to act upon your survey results.  

Additionally, you need to understand whether your LMS provider offers you all the survey benefits. 

  • Are there enough question types available for your online survey?  
  • Can you customize it?  
  • Can you analyze it effectively?  

At Acadle, we make sure you have access to everything you need for the best customer onboarding and employee training tool. Our aim is to make the most agile Learning Management System for your business that will help you in distributing courses and training seamlessly. 

Multiple survey types in Acadle

Now make better and personalized courses with the Realtime feedback of your employees by using the ‘best survey tool’ by Acadle in your Academy.  

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