What is M Learning?

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Learning is the process through which we acquire new knowledge, understanding, skills, insights, values, and more. Every new experience and change in life requires us to learn.


Such as M learning, which enables us to adapt and acclimatize ourselves according to the needs and requirements of the time.


Owing to the recent changes due to the pandemic, many organizations have started to train their employees to adapt to the remote modes of work.


Organizations are now starting to remodel themselves according to the requirements of the time. 

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Why do we need M learning? 

Mobile learning or M-Learning is a form of distance or remote education, where users learn through their electronic devices. Sometimes the organization might also provide their employees with the necessary electronic devices.


Therefore, the employees can learn across different conditions, through social interactions, content creation and interaction, and more over the internet, using virtual platforms.


This allows a greater degree of convenience, freedom, and accessibility to the employees. A highly active method of learning that encourages instant distribution, division, feedback, and revision work.

How does LMS support facilitate M Learning?

1. Changing work demands

There have been increasing changes over the years. Therefore, organizations must train their employees to acquire and acquaint themselves with the changing job requirements.  

2. Flexibility 

Since the learning process is mobile it does not limit its employees to certain locations or specific schedules. Employees can learn at their pace and how it suits them best. 

3. Automated monitoring

Mobile Learning Management System software application allows automatic administration, documentation, and monitoring. It also helps in the distribution and allocation of training and the learning process 

4. Diverse learning

They can also learn through the help of videos, presentations, audio, and more. Therefore, this enhances the learning process making it more colorful and understandable. Instead of traditional methods that are often regarded as inflexible and obstinate. 

5. Accessibility

It is easily accessible from anywhere at any time. 

6. Transformative  

Mobile learning solutions can help the organization transform the learning process. It also promotes the improvement in performance through various M-learning platforms and resources. 

7. Cost and time effective

Mobile LMS applications help develop efficient and cost-effective mobile learning solutions. It meets the demands of the clients and can be modified according to their needs as well. 

What are the advantages of M-Learning? 

1. Active learning 

Through M-learning employees can learn anywhere and at any time. It offers instant access to relevant content, training materials, and tools. Therefore, it also increases active engagement in the learning process through active and voluntary participation and decision-making. 

2. Dynamic learning

Mobile learning takes into account personal preferences and differences in learning style and helps to better improve the learning process. It supports all types of media and eLearning features to create a more versatile and dynamic learning experience. 

3. Supports multiple devices 

M-Learning supports all types of electronic devices. It can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

4. Cost-Effective 

Many organizations use this mode of learning as it meets all the demands of the organizations and at the same time saves cost and time.

5. Better results and higher retention rate 

Even content distribution helps in improving the retention rate as it is easy to understand.

Proven its benefits and the increasing changes in the work climate, M-Learning is much sought for and expected in various organizations. Therefore, it has become crucial to adapt oneself to the needs and demands of the time. 

Companies can now learn to provide their employees with a platform that provides all the necessary tools that are required to develop their M learning skills. 

Acadle is an LMS platform that provides an active M-Learning experience that aims to equip employees with all the necessary skills through a dynamic and versatile M-Learning experience. Therefore, this is successfully achieved through features like customizable learning content, cost, and time-effective, multiple learning sources, availability, user-friendly and more. 

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